Returning back This Year to Madrid Auditorium!
On January 6th - 7th, 2024

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The perfect Re-Start after Christmas vacations

And get ready for all what's coming next year...

10,000 couples 
have attended DSC

1000 awards
 given every year

100 people working on each edition

100,000€  distributed over the years

Are you serious To become the new champion this year?

We Don’t “Dream” And “Think” Success Will Happen... We MAKE It Happen.

I like Christmas...

but for a short time

Let’s be honest, a hard year is ahead…

With all the new competitions that everyday are being uploaded to the WDSF calendar, we have (coaches and dancers) practically no time to breath.

This year has been no different, I am sure that you have been busy lately and that is why you deserve a great Christmas vacation to disconnect from your natural turn and your rumba walk.

But there is a problem with that…

Every time you disconnect from dancing, TWO things can happen.

1. You FORGET how the movements are supposed to feel and you need two weeks (at least) to be “decent to compete”.

2. You forget how the movements are supposed to feel and you rediscover yourself with an even BETTER version of yourself.

As you can see, it is impossible to avoid the effect of time without practice, but we can do something to try to recover and rediscover our dancing as fast as possible.

There was in fact a pianist (don’t remember the actual name, but I know he was a pianist) that said:

“If I don’t practice 1 day, I notice it.
If I don’t practice 2 days, my teacher notices it.
If I don’t practice 3 days, the public notices.”

And the problem isn’t only that you didn’t “keep” your dancing, you have a total disconnection from what you are gonna need quite a time to recover.
A time that, speaking frankly, none of us have.

So then what?

Will January and February always be your worst competition months?

Well, if you are searching for the answer, you are on the right spot.

Welcome to DanceSport Cup.

Our competition has been strategically positioned on 6th and 7th of January to be the micro goal for dancers that will help them set the success of the rest of the year!

Before the competition, we even organise a training camp to get you back in shape. Mental, physical and dancing wise.

We have tried our best to give you all the cards you need to come back from Christmas on the fastest and most efficient way possible.

So if you want to set the stage and make 2024 YOUR YEAR, then go and register for this competition.

Hesitation will cost too much!


Dress Designer & Clothing

Hairstyle and makeup

Dress Designer & Clothing

Hairstyle and makeup

Provsional TimeTable


Meet Hotel Auditorium...

One Of The Most Prestigious Congress Venues In Spain!

We love Hotel Auditorium for its reliable stuff, beautiful halls and perfect location near Madrid airport.

We have been organizing this competition for more than 7 years in this hotel, you could say that this competition is not fully DanceSport Cup any more if it doesn't happen in the Auditorium.

That smell to parket in those huge halls.

That emblematic long hall way that connects the hotel.

Going down from the room already dressed maked up for the competition...

And don't forget that Auditorium provides FREE TRANSFER for all couples, family members and coaches!

Secure your Tickets For an amazing Spectacle...

and lots of great dancing!

What better way of starting the year than attending a world class level dance competition?

Just imagine it!

The glamour.

The costumes.

The fluid movement that make them look like if they were flying! (or like my friend says, like if they had wheels under the feet).

We are happy to invite you to our 16th edition of DanceSport Cup, taking place in the great Auditorium Madrid congress center.

The event will both days be separated in day part and afternoon part, so that you can dress according to each occasion.

Our stuff will make sure you feel like at home while you sit on your table and enjoy the competition.

Let the dance begin!


The most accurately planned camp to help you rediscover your dancing and put you on the best shape for the competition!

3rd, 4th and 5th of January

Standard Teachers:

Asis Khadjeh-Nouri

Alessandro Firmo

Catia Vanone

Martin Odstrcil

Alessia Betti

Lasse Odegaard

Petr Horáček

Pietro Braga

Marek Chojnacki

Violeta Yaneva

Raimonds Pisevs

Mircea Gavrila

Lorena Costa

Sergio Roccatti

Antonio Gioncada

Marianna Furio

Latin Teachers:

Peter Stokkebroe

Karina Rubio

Frederic Mosa

Valeri Ivanov

Tatiana Lahvinovich

Julie Fryer

Franck Brangbour

Sergiu Luca

Joanne Wilkinson

Siscu Perez

Marco Cuocci

Felix Castillo

Anna de Grande

Stefano Santarelli

85€ per day for couples Youth, Adulto y Senior 

65€ per day for couples Junior

42€ per day for solos Youth, Adulto y Senior 

32€ per day for solos Junior

We have prepared all the WDSF categories and opens to give you the chance to show your best dancing!

The schedule has been made thinking on the dancers and their convenience, or at least we've done our best on that matter.

This year we want to give you the chance to dance at much as possible for as little as possible...

So for first time in this event, you will have the chance of dancing as many competitions as you want for a fixed fee per day!

Since 2006 DanceSport Cup has been the must go for all the world class dancers...

Come To Just One, And you will see why

Black Tie Gala

There is something we have lost...

The exhausting schedules of competitions and the sport halls have taken away a part that I believe is fundamental to our dance world.

It's the banquet.

Before, an essential part of the competitions, and now, difficult to see it in most events.

However, at Dancesport Cup we have decided to organize a black tie gala event!
The gala dinner schedule is as follows:
8:00 pm Champagne Reception 
8:30 pm Grand Ball, Banquet, and Show


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